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My name is Mania Knox and I am a multidisciplinary artist located in Montreal. 

Im a sideshow and burlesque performer ; I am mostly known for doing the very rare sideshow act called the Iron jaw, which is the old traditional strength act that requires to hang by the strength of your jaw. I also do Fire eating and fire spinning,and flow, different aerial like chains, different kind of dancing and sometimes, all of them mixed together! I love to mix iron jaw with feather fans, wings, staff and even fire ! 

My content creation process is under a two distinct Vibes : A Dark Sideshow, Punk, Fetish and kinky Esthetic with some eccentric, shocking, triggering and arrogant content, or, an old vintage Circus Burlesque Vibe inspired from the 1920; glittery, the beauty, the shiny, the beautiful but, everything that I do has a meaning. I express myself through many different artforms, whatever the most effective way to send the message across; Poi, staff, fire dancing, dance, burlesque, aerial chains, pole dancing, aerial hammock, aerial net, singing or iron jaw. My numbers are close to performance art ; I love to put a whole scene around my show normally. I have many performances that are ready, but I can also custom make something on a theme. 

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